Because we are a regional company, we can keep the quality high. Each audit goes through a review process, not just a sampling as some vendors. Our employee auditors are offered incentives for quality and time services.


Old Fashion Service

Don’t you hate getting caught up in phone hell? This is where you don’t really talk to people and you are transferred from department to department, just to land in someone’s voice mail. We actually pick up the phone during business hours………..amazing how that works!


Why is PremiumAudit.com different? We run our company as the Christians that we are. We treat our customers and employees with respect. We truly care for each person on an individual level. We do business the old fashion way with integrity and honesty at the core of our business.

Quality A Smarter Audit Partner

Our motto is A Smarter Audit Partner. We work Smarter not longer.  We strive to be your audit partner, not just a vendor.  We will work hand-in-hand with your premium audit manager or your underwriter to perform the audit as you would expect your own company auditors to perform.

Members and Insured’s are treated with the respect they are due.  We are an extension and representation of our carrier customers.

Saundra & Jon Hamel

Saundra Jon 02132016

We met and fell in love in 2004. Jon had been in the premium audit business since dirt was new.  I had just retired from the stock market of 25 years.  Together we manage our business as our family with respect, dignity and honesty.  Our services have been developed as gifts and talents to give glory to God. We look forward to speaking to you about premium audit services in TX AR OK TN LA & MS.  Give us a call at 800.798.9300 or send me a note at Saundrasign copy



We only use our own employees

Have you ever wondered why some audit companies show auditor numbers instead of auditor names?  Many audit service companies use contract labor auditors leaving questions regarding confidentiality and quality.

PremiumAudit.com is different because we only use our employee auditors.  We expect a higher quality level because they are our employees that we have vested time and energy into training.  We offer our employees incentives for time service and quality.  We are proud of our employees and you will see their names on each audit.